I want to get started! Where do I begin?

You can choose to buy however you like! We have an option for everyone where the product is delivered right to your door including retail where you purchase one or as many oils as you like.

Here’s why we recommend a wholesale membership with a Premium Starter Kit:

  • You’re saving around $150 which we think is pretty significant.
  • You’re able to try several products instead of one. Since our bodies are unique and have varying needs, this will allow you to truly see how these products work for you and your family. It’s everything you need to really give this oil thing a go.
  • Going forward you have an ongoing 24% discount on every purchase with no requirements to order and no fine print. Even if you never ordered again, you would have saved so much money, but we know you will want more

Am I locked into future purchases?

Definitely not! Your membership comes with a 24% wholesale discount but it’s up to you when and how often you use it. If you choose not to order for over a year, your membership will simply become inactive. You can choose to make this first purchase an Essential Rewards purchase if you want to start saving even more money and really working on ditching your old products and creating a new, healthier lifestyle for you and your family. Need to know about Essential Rewards? Check out this guide.

Do I have to sell the oils if I become a member?

Never! But we’re going to place a wee little bet on how long it takes before you tell someone they need to get oils too. If and when you do decide you want to tell someone about your oils (since that’s what we do when we love something), all you do is send them a link and your member number. So easy and no “selling” required. No one will ever pressure you to share - we’ll just invite you to take part in the benefits if you so desire! The referral perks are epic!

I’m already overwhelmed. How will I learn how to use the oils safely?

You are going to be in awe of the resources available to you through this team. A Facebook community, website, a team app with everything at your fingertips. I promise that however you like to learn, we have something for you. Dive in as little or as much as you like and at your own pace. Your sponsor will be right there to help you with each question!

Why shouldn’t I just buy my oils at a store or from another company? Why mess with this membership?

Using essential oils is more than just buying a product. It’s about embracing a whole wellness lifestyle. These powerful tools require education and having others around you who are getting results means that you can get a lot more power for the money you’re spending by gaining from their experience. By purchasing oils through Young Living you are assured of the following things:

  • An unmatched purity promise. Many oils are not what they are advertised to be and you are using a diluted or even contaminated, inferior product that could ultimately harm rather than help you when purchasing from an unproven source.
  • A community of support. This whole network marketing thing means you have a person extremely invested in your success with your oils. None of this, “You made your purchase so have a nice life.” Any question you have, any problem you come across with your purchases or usage, we can help you find an answer. Plus, it’s just more fun to do anything together!
  • The most killer referral program. I know that before I started oils I was always fighting to figure out how to feed my family and give them the supplements they needed on our budget. With the way Young Living rewards sharing the products, now they pay for our oils, supplements, organic food, and so much more! I just wish Target would do that for all the money I’ve spent in their store.

Are Young Living oils organic?

Young Living oils are what I call "Beyond Organic" which not only meets the sometimes questionably regulated and varying worldwide standards of certiification but goes beyond that. The farm where I buy my milk and beef is not certified organic but I see it for myself and can ask the farmer any question I want. I put that FAR above buying a gallon of mass produced organic milk in the store. Having visited several of Young Living's farms, the standard there is hard to believe. That transparency matters more to me than these small farmers having to spend all of their earnings to achieve a certification not even available in certain parts of the world and situations

Wait, network marketing? Is this a pyramid scheme?

No! But you’re definitely right to want to avoid those! Yuck. Pyramid schemes are illegal and involve recruiting others without an actual product to sell as the base of your company. We have incredible products that we love as the heart of our rock steady, 25-year-old company and residual income

Terms and Conditions for Booking A InHome Class:

$30 deposit/fee required to book class, payable through PayPal.

Cancellation of scheduled class forfeits deposit/fee.

Class may be rescheduled twice before deposit/fee is forfeited.

Class requires a minimum of 4 persons.

Travel distance greater than 60 miles requires additional non-refundable fee to be paid up front based on mileage. 

61-80 miles - add'l fee of $15

81-100 miles - add'l fee of $25

Greater than 100 miles - to be determined based on location.

Starting point for mileage calculation is Brushwood Lane, Palm Coast, FL 32137

*After a successful class all participants will be offered a $10 credit to be used toward future product with a Young Living membership.

(Classes to be taught by up to three team members.)